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Poster Stands are a great point of sale tool. Also known as Free Standing Signs, Menu Stands and Retail Stands, they are perfectly suited to displaying Menus, Directories, In-store Product Promotions, Sale items, for additional branding or just to attract passing foot traffic to any premises. We also offer a range of high quality Display Stands that are as well suited to a hotel lobby or airport departure lounge as they are to busy retail environments.

Looking for a poster stand, retail stand or a menu stand? Chances are you’ll find it at the Slimline Warehouse. Hundreds of people have found the benefit of floor signs as an invaluable marketing tool. Poster stands have more than one use and have found themselves in places such as restaurants as menu stands, department stores as retail signs and as in-store directories. They have also branched out into banks, offices, receptions and corporate events.

Slimline’s sign stands or menu stands meet all our strict quality standards and we are proud to be able to bring our customers a range of styles and sizes to suit their needs. Our floor signs are made of aluminium, coated black or silver. They have been designed to withstand retail environments and endure years of use. The retail stand frame where artwork is placed, works as a clip frame and it is positioned on an angle for better readability. The sides of the frame are lifted up and clipped down onto the artwork. An easy method for changing your floor sign which will give you more time to do the other necessary things within your shop.

Depending on how big your artwork is or how much space you have, you can choose from a variety of retail stands. Our range gives you the option of standard retail stands with single or double straight legs or you can choose from the European range where the retail stand itself has been styled to suit those that want a poster stand or floor sign with a difference.

One thing we make sure of is the competitive low price. We ship these units unassembled in order to keep shipping overheads to a minimum. Supplied with a straight forward assembly instruction sheet and all the fasteners, you’ll have your Poster Stand assembled and ready to go within minutes.

If you find our retail stands a must, you may also like out range of Clip Frames, Notice Boards or our exclusive range of Lecterns.

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