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Desk Signs for Office
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Desk Signs for Office

Medium Desk Name Holders - 200 x 74mm

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Name Holder for Desk

Small Desk Name Holders - 150 x 74mm

Signs for your Desk
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Signs for your Desk

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These Office Signs include Many Styles & Sizes to Best serve your Business

Office Signs These office signs are available in many different sizes, with multiple styles as well to best suit the various needs of businesses. These reception signs are used in many locations as an effective marketing tool as well as wayfinding sign. These office signs can be found in universities and schools on the doors of professors and rooms to help identify whose office it is for students, as well as help visitors find their way around the location. The wall signs, reception signs are also standard in many offices to denote the rooms of different personnel, as well as display company logos or show marketing materials for potential clients as they walk around your business.

This front desk sign has different features with each style that allow your location to pick the proper one for your use. These office signs are great for use at retail stores to label section and product locations, whilst also being able to advertise and promote your store on endcaps and other areas. The reception signs are made from aluminium, providing a durable display that can be used in any business. Door signs, wall signage, and other office signs can even be used in heavily trafficked areas without worry of breakdown due to their strong design. Each of the reception signs has a clear anodised finish that will match any decor. The matte silver finish brings a great looking display to every business, helping to convey professionalism to visitors and potential clients.

Reception Signs There are many features with our different Office Signs & Reception Signs:
  • Easy change designs for switching out graphics quickly, with only 1 minute needed
  • One style includes a suction cup tool to easily remove protective lens & switch out graphics
  • Another version has a quick-clip grabber for instantly holding and switching out papers and restaurant tickets
  • All are made from aluminium for a durable unit that will last for years to come, even in heavily trafficked areas
  • Most displays include non-glare lens that protects graphics from gathering grime whilst improving readability.
  • Installation hardware kit & double-sided foam tape is included with each frame to provide different mounting options

The available wall sign options include many sizes that can be displayed. With this wide range of sizes, your business will surely be able to find a suitable version for your marketing and display needs. The wall sign & door sign options can all be hung in either portrait or landscape orientation, allowing creative freedom for your design team with how to present your graphics. Multiple units can also be purchased to combine together in a unique, eye-catching motif! This front desk sign is highly visible to provide your business with an excellent opportunity to display signage in a meaningful way to customers.

Wall Sign

Most of the wall signage holders include a protective lens that fits snugly inside the display. This lens will help prevent your graphics from gathering grime and dust whilst on display, making it easier to maintain a good-looking unit. The front desk sign uses a non-glare lens as well, which makes it easier to read your signage in different lighting and environmental situations. The wall sign uses this lens to also help prevent vandalism, as the extra step to affect your custom poster acts as a good deterrent! The addition of the lens helps create a frame that can be proudly displayed in every location.

Some of the wall sign displays use a snap frame for holding your graphics in place. This allows the unit to have graphics changed quickly without any tools required. The front desk sign is an ideal display for busy environments, as the quick change ensures employees can focus there time on other tasks. Other styles of signage holders include a suction cup tool that help remove the protective lens when the need to change posters arises. Both of these methods take less than one minute for switching out graphics with ease! Our other selection of signage displays utilise a fast-grabbing tab that holds your graphics, memos, and restaurant tickets in place without anything needing to be done except stick the paper into the slot.

Installation of these displays is an easy task as well, as all necessary materials are included. Double-sided foam tape requires no tools for adhesion onto most surfaces, providing a quick and easy installation that will work well with most environments. There is also a hardware kit that has wall anchors and screws for an alternative installation option that will need a drill and screwdriver for mounting, but is still very easy. Order one of these high quality wall sign options today for use at your business!

Through the online catalogue you can find hundreds of products to place within your business. Our wide ranges include something that will benefit any company. Choose from light boxes, stand offs, cafe banners, lecterns, TV stands, poster holders, brochure displays, cardboard displays, whiteboards, lockable displays, display accessories, & many more options to help set your company apart from the competition in style without breaking the bank!

Slimline Warehouse has been providing high quality products to Australians for over 20 years. In this time, we have created a loyal customer base who continually return, as they know that with our company they will be receiving the best price with a durable product. Our warehouse despatches daily, with most in stock items shipping same day when purchased by 1pm EST. We proudly despatch Australia-wide, including to Perth, Darwin, Fremantle, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Melbourne, Ballarat, Canberra, Sydney, Hobart, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Cairns, & Brisbane!

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