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Information Displays These information displays are available in many different configurations. The modular brochure displays are used in a variety of different locations, including exhibition halls, retail stores, information centres, office lobbies, and universities effectively. Exhibition halls and trade shows place these units around their location in order to promote upcoming events, able to utilise custom posters to help grab attendees attention whilst walking by to show them additional events that they may be interested in attending. By using easy to change signs, owners can cater the stands to whatever people are visiting that day to help cater each stand to best show what passersby may be interested in. Using stands that feature brochure holders make it even easier to provide pamphlets that show event details and sign-up information, so that companies can get a head start on booking visitors or vendors for their events. Retail stores, and other businesses like car dealerships and even supermarkets, use these types of modular brochure displays to promote upcoming sales or ongoing events utilising bright custom designed graphics to draw passersby in, and then placing sales circulars in the literature pockets so that customers can easily see which items are available at the moment for a lower price and walk around your store with them! This also assists customer service representatives as they attempt to upsell various merchandise at your location; by being able to point to graphics that the customers are holding ,it's easier to convince them that an item is worth buying, as well as instilling confidence in the customer that a product is a good since the the company has decided to promote an item, it must be worth the cost, a classic marketing move that your business will see can be quite beneficial!

The information displays include stands that have brochure holders. Choose from units with either A3 (297 x 420mm), A4 (210 x 297mm) or A5 (148 x 210mm) pamphlets. The different sizes of pockets are able to display these sizes of brochures in a variety of ways with your literature being showcased in portrait orientation in most cases. Depending on the pocket, you can place (2) or (3) brochures across the pocket to maximise space on the pocket in order to provide more information to customers. These displays are great for providing heaps of information about your products, warranty information, and more benefits. Museums, art galleries, and information centres can place maps of the local area or building to allow visitors to easily find their way. Have a unique route that visitors may take depending on their interest? Each map can be placed side-by-side in order to give visitors the best experience at your location, helping to spread positive word of mouth and making it more likely to recommend your business based on their pleasurable experience. The pockets are angled as well, helping to improve the readability of items displayed on the stand, as well as making it easier to grab your brochures for customers to take away. These modular stands allow your business to provide additional information to interested clients to take home and think over when used at exhibition halls, retail stores, car dealerships, and even travel agencies or realtors. Using larger catalogues in the pockets make it easier to show eye-catching graphics of potential destinations or properties that are for sale to help really pique the interest of viewers and help entice them to make a purchase!

Modular Brochure Displays What are the advantages of these Information Displays?
  • High quality stands at low prices make it easy for any location to have a professional looking stand
  • Modular stands allow freedom of adjustments & different components to be added to stands
  • Brochure holders provide literature to potential customers that can be taken home for further evaluation
  • Large selection of different snap frame sizes make it easy to show custom designed posters to draw attention
  • Lightweight units are easily portable, but stable enough to be used in heavily trafficked areas without issue
  • Aluminium make of stand provides durable units that will last for years to come in any location

The brochure stands also include a range of poster frames that work with the aluminium racks. There are also protective lenses included with these poster frames. The lenses help keep grime and dirt from gathering on your graphics, and also deter vandalism to your custom graphics as the extra time needed to access your custom graphics helps to lessen the chance would be vandals will attempt to tamper with your posters. These lenses are anti-glare as well, helping to improve readability in most lighting conditions so that passersby can see what is being promoted. The snap frames allow quick graphic changes without any tools necessary. These poster frames take less than 60 seconds to change out graphics. Simply snap open the four sides, remove the graphics and lens, put your new posters inside, and snap shut! The snap frames can also be displayed in portrait or landscape orientation, giving your business freedom to use whatever graphics wanted. The makes it easier for your marketing team to create posters, as they aren't hindered in their creativity when designing promotional posters. There are different poster frames available that hold either A3 or A4 standard sizes posters in either orientation as mentioned above. Some of the available stands offer only posters, some only brochure holders, and great selection that utilise both to best service your customers. Posters help lure them into the display, with other graphics also shown can denote product specs or special terms. Brochures can fill the pockets to, as mentioned above, to provide take home & further information about merchandise, good and services, destinations, and so many more!

Advertising Display Stands The trade show brochure stands are modular in design, allowing different components to be used or not used depending on your needs. Using a modular display makes it easy to adjust each component anywhere along the centre pole into a desired position to best fit your current current needs and clientele. Only need to show brochures on the display as the event your attending you are also featuring large pull up banners? Remove the poster frames and load on up brochure pockets. When helping visitors to navigate your exhibition hall or university, you may only require posters denoting specific rooms and showing maps, so you can leave the brochure holders off. These versatile displays are also able to to be used as a single or dual-sided stand. When utilising the displays for double-sided use, less room is taken up during use whilst still reaching out to customers to provide literature or show custom graphics. This allows you to maximise space on your sales floor or within your booth, as additional displays aren't needed to convey the same message to make it easier for visitors and employees to get around, as well as place products that serve a different need. All components of these displays are made from anodised aluminium, providing a durable stand that is able to last for years to come in any location. The silver finish that each component is finished in, will easily fit in with any location, providing a professional looking display that helps to draw attention towards your display whilst putting the focus on items display on the stand. This portable display is lightweight in order to make it easy to place this unit in a desired position around your booth, store, or location. Whilst easily moved into place, these displays also feature a weighted base to stabilise the unit, perfect for keeping this display upright in heavily-trafficked areas where people may gently bump into the unit in passing. Order these products today to get a high-quality unit offered at an inexpensive price that will surely help your business to better serve your customers!

The retail stands are made from aluminium for a lightweight unit that is easily moved around a show floor or store by any employee. Putting the units at different end caps at your business helps to promote new items that are placed there, and placing stands around a show floor so that they are still easily seen put not in the path of visitors or employees is a tactful move that will help show the courtesy of your business. Aluminium is used with both the available components and the stands themselves to provide durable units that will stand up to the rigors of use every day in retail stores as well as transport to and from events. Perfect for use in heavily-trafficked areas, these displays will stand the test of time, only taking minor dings and dents during us that won't be noticeable to passersby, offering a great return on investment as they are able to be placed at your business for years to come! The base of the units are made from plate steel, providing stability to help prevent the stands from being tipped over when slightly nudged, allowing them to be placed in public areas without worry. Hardware and tools for assembly are included with the display for quick and easy set-up out of the box by any employee, with most stands requiring less than 10 minutes to assemble. Whether being purchased to be utilised as a permanent store fixture at your business or to be transported to and from trade shows, these easy-to-assemble display stands are perfect since they allow employees to spend time focusing on more important tasks such as helping out customers and answering questions. These stands are the perfect complement for any business, with their inexpensive cost not being cost-prohibitive to allow any business to compete with other vendors using a stylish display that will capture the attention of passersby. The silver finish of these stands blends in well with any décor due to the neutral colour of the stand whilst offering a professional look that helps to convey a good image to potential clients. The luxury of using different components for a particular need make these display totally versatile for any needs, order today for your business!

Trade Show Poster Stands Our online catalogue is your portal to all our display options, with heaps of categories that help you to outfit your business in style. Our large selection is constantly having new additions on an almost weekly basis, helping you to stay ahead of the competition by featuring the latest styles, trends, & technologies in your location to help draw customers in. With so many items to choose from, it's easy to fulfill all the needs of your business from one site! Be sure to see our various styles of queue barriers, POS signs, noticeboards, pull up banners, brochure holders, iPad stands, cafe barriers, standoffs, lightboxes, A-frame signs, photo frames, table throws, acrylic risers, stanchions, cigarette bins, easels & so many more!

Slimline Warehouse has been offering high quality display products at prices that are unbeatable for over 20 years. We specialize in a wide range of POS., trade show, POP & retail products that are all made of high quality materials and sold at low prices not found anywhere else online! Our products are sourced from many different vendors, including international & local sources that help us to offer a diverse selection of products to try and meet all the needs of our customer base. Each item is thoroughly inspected by our quality assurance team prior to being offered to our customers to make sure that only quality items are shipped from our warehouse that will last for years to come, offering a great return on investment for the buyer! Most of our products despatch same day when in stock & paid prior to 1pm EST from our warehouse. Shipping is available to anywhere in Australia, including Wollongong, Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Hobart, Geelong, Bendigo, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Perth, Darwin, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, & Toowoomba!

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