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Blackboard Easels for Promoting Specials & Events!

These chalkboard easels, blackboard easels are a combination display to make it easy to promote items at your business to passersby. The various styles available make it easy to find one that will work for your business needs. Restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars commonly place these in the foyer of their establishment or even outside on the pavement to show menu items, promote new specials, announce which bands are playing that night, and even just placing a witty saying to help lure passersby into your business. The chalkboard easels are also typically use around retail stores, exhibition halls, hotels, casinos, and information centres to help welcome tour groups or conventions, promote new merchandise or ongoing sales, as well as help to guide visitors around the building! Why use blackboard easels in your establishment? The easily seen chalkboard easels allow you to quickly and easily change messages written on the board, making them perfect for fast-paced environments where information is rapidly changing!

These tripod displays are made of either timber or aluminium to provide a choice in how you display items. The aluminium displays are durable for use in public areas without worrying of breaking down, and are very lightweight to make it easy to transport the units to and from different areas. Each aluminium easel features a sleek black finish, fitting in easily with any décor whilst adding style, creating an eye-catching display that will surely capture passersby attention in any location. The timber displays are similarly durable, and made from beechwood with various finishes available including red gum for a classic look that will give a different feel to your establishment in a good way!

Each of the easel tripods is collapsible, making it very to move them into position or store them in a small area when not in use. The lightweight presentation stands can easily be carried by any employee into position conveniently. The back leg of the displays can be placed at different angles in order to provide the proper incline to meet the gaze of the visitors at your business. The lips on each display are also adjustable, making it easy to change the height of the included display board. You can also mount the markerboard in either portrait or landscape orientation to best fit how you wish to present the display. In addition to the adjustable bottom lip, there is also a top clamp that slides down to secure the board in place to help prevent it from slipping off! These easy to adjust displays make it easy to display items exactly as your want!

The menu boards that are included with the easel tripods allow you to write messages that are easily seen using vivid colours with wet erase markers, chalk sticks, and liquid chalk markers. The textured writing surface is able to accept these different writing implements. Each board has a large writing surface that provides ample space for inscribing messages. To erase your messages, simply make a cloth damp and wipe off the messages clean and neatly. These chalkboards have a wooden frame enclosing the board that made of beech for a great look that frames your writing to better draw attention. The different finishes include mahogany, red gum, and a natural finish that look great in any location! Order these easel displays with black boards today to place outside of your business and provide information to patrons and potential clients alike in style!

Click here to see all of our available easel tripods that can be used to outfit your business. These displays include metal & timber makes so you can find the right one for use around your location. There are counter-top and floor-standing display easel options as well, perfect for use in many places such as cafes, restaurants, offices, casinos and more. Each chalk board display can be used as a menu sign to inform passersby of menu items. The wooden chalkboard sign boards are great at a restaurant or other events, as they are easily seen and the wooden frames look great, especially when paired with black aluminium tripods. Each wooden easel tripod has more details to see on their individual product page. These displays are priced inexpensively to provide our customers with a quality display without having to break the budget. Our online catalogue has hundreds of products in a variety of categories to use around your location. From lightboxes, whiteboards, TV stands, & lecterns to brochure holders, exhibition displays, hanging hardware, & event flags, there is sure to be something that will be of use in your business to help draw attention, display merchandise, and otherwise promote your goods & services!

Slimline Warehouse has been around for 20 years, becoming a leading provider of many styles of displays for Australians. We offer POP, POS, retail, & exhibition displays at prices that our competitors can't match without compromising on quality to ensure you get great-looking products that will last for years to come. We add new items to our offerings weekly in order to stay current with new technologies and the latest trends. Most in stock items will despatch same day on orders placed by 1pm EST to our warehouse. We ship to everywhere in Australia, including Toowoomba, Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Hobart, Bendigo, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Cairns, & Brisbane!

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