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Whiteboards for the Office, School or Home

We've now added whiteboards to our comprehensive range of corkboards, pinboards and bulletin boards. In an effort to cover all possible needs we have white boards or dry erase boards to meet all requirements and budgets. We stock a number of different dry boards that would make great office whiteboards, home white boards or school whiteboards depending on the application for which you require your write board. So when you’re looking to buy whiteboards, think of Slimline Warehouse Display Shops!

They also have an integrated tray for your whiteboard markers and sliding hanging eyelets that ensure your board is easy to fasten in position on your wall.

This may be the best value for money erase board Australia has to offer and they’re available in a range of sizes including small whiteboards like the 600 x 450mm & 900 x 600mm boards as well as large whiteboards like our 1200 x 900mm, 1500 x 900mm & 1800 x 900mm boards.

For high end office or home environments, we have a range of premium quality whiteboards that are designed and manufactured in Europe. They feature slim and stylish extruded aluminium frames, hanging eyelets and come with hardware included to ensure that you can hang your office board or home message board immediately. The surface of the marker board is premium quality, ensuring that whiteboard markers are easily erased, leaving your erase board looking as good as the day you purchased it. Our premium quality boards are available in a four sizes which range from small white boards that are 500 x 650mm in size, through to larger whiteboards that are about 1000 x 1000mm in size.

Unique to our catalogue are a range of lockable white boards, or cabinet whiteboard which have a clear plastic door which swings open allowing the user to write on, draw diagrams or post notices on the board. These whiteboards with locks are particularly useful in situations where you want to make important messages or drawings visible for passers-by and ensure that nobody else erases them. Like all our dry erase boards these locking whiteboards also have a metal surface so you can use them as a magnet board or notice board, by using magnets to stick notices, posters and signs to the board.

All our white boards feature magnetic surfaces that allow you to use them as a magnet board or magnetic board onto which you can fasten notes as well as write messages and memos. This means you are getting double the value as you can also use any of our whiteboards as a notice board or information board.

To see all of our notice boards, white boards, black boards and information board products, please start by visiting our Notice Boards, Chalk Boards & Marker Boards.

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