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Menu display is a great addition to any restaurant, fast food outlet or take away place. Customers are able to view prices and products that you have on offer. Menu displays allow fast food restaurants to serve more walk in customers quickly. People just walk in and order straight from the menu board behind the counter and within minutes, food is served. During lunch hour, many outlets find that customers are lined up and while they are waiting, these people are deciding what they want to order from the backlit menu boards. Our menu boards are brightly lit, so your customers will be able to read straight off the board wherever they are standing.

Slimline stock the menu display in a range of sizes, so there will be menu boards to suit your restaurant. Our menu display boards are A1 or A2 with either 3 or 4 panels displayed. They also come in black or silver to suit any décor. The illuminated menu boards we stock are the brightest which means that they can be read from a distance and allow for your menu display to look its best at all times.

Showcase your products to customers today using the menu display system and increase sales. The menu display is so easy to use and changing graphics is just a matter of lifting off the lightweight acrylic face. This allows for your staff to change over the menu any at any time and the menu lightbox itself is only 42mm thick. The menu display also means that it is easy to clean- just a simple wipe.

Entice your customers with your menu board at your fast food restaurant. Getting a menu straight to your customer has never been quicker. The backlit menu boards will create customers and generate interest in your product without you having to lift a finger. Having an illuminated menu board will also mean that wether it is day or night, your menu board will always be brightly lit, advertising your products and drawing people into your restaurant.

In addition to all the great display seen on this page, the menu displays selection that we offer has heaps of options that allow you to display items around your business with ease & within your budget.

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