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Lecterns & Podiums

Wooden Lecterns for Schools & Churches

Classic Timber construction. Different styles available

Metal Podiums and Lecterns

Robust and Sturdy Steel Pulpits.

Acrylic Lecterns for Speeches & Seminars

Premium quality polished acrylic podiums.

Custom Lecterns

Custom Logo / Artwork. Create your own unique product

Portable Lecterns

Quick Set Up. Take them anywhere with included carry bags!

Microphones and Speakers

Small Portable Sound Systems


Sit Stand Desks

Height Adjustable Workstations
Ergonomic Office Solutions


Floor Tablet Kiosks

Holds iPad Air, Air 2 & 9.7" Pro, 5th & 6th Gen

A lectern from Slimline Warehouse will allow you to make any speech in board rooms, auditoriums, schools and lecture theatres. The lecturn provides you with a wide flat surface for you to rest your documents, speech or laptop. Our lecterns also have lower shelving for you to display supporting material or to simply rest other items that may help you out in your speech.

Lecturns have been used by many including politicians, celebrities, students and school lecturers. Presentation is key to making a great speech and using a lectern can help you through those long lectures or short speeches. Engaging an audience while making a speech can be easier with the lectern. By having a lectern as a focal point on stage, the audience will be engaged listening to your speech and also visually attaining their attention. Microphones and other audio accessories can be attached to the lectern, even to the portable lectern. Your audience will be captivated once you are up on stage and having a lectern with you will allow you to organise your speech. In the mean time, your audience will be listening to your speech as you stand confidently behind your lectern.

Portable lecterns are also available from Slimline Warehouse. The portable lecterns are great for places like trade shows or for people that need to provide extra information to their audience. The lectern itself is designed with brochure holders, which means that while you are talking, the audience will be able to see your promotional material which can later then be handed out. The portable lecterns can then be folded away neatly so you can take these to your next speech.

We also stock a lectern that has a modern design. Perfect for school, church or a conference meeting this lectern will see you through many speeches and provide you with public speaking confidence. Equipped with a wide desk to rest your reading material, a lower shelf for holding notes or some water, a sturdy frame powder coated silver; this lectern will be a popular item with public speakers.

The lectern alone is a great tool to have and will give you confidence while you make your speech. To really make an impact to your speech, try projecting images or video to break up your speech and create interest. In this scenario, the lectern can be placed to one side of the stage while your video is being played.

The lectern will give you a place to store you material and give you a comfortable place to stand and hold your audiences attention. With any of the lecterns we stock, we’re sure that one of them will suit your presentation needs. The lecterns can also be attached with microphones and audio equipment so if you have a large audience to present to, a podium lectern will give you he opportunity to do this. Find the lectern that is right for you at Slimline Warehouse today.

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