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Slimline Warehouse’s range of notice board, chalk board, cork board or pin board units are a fantastic way to post announcements and messages at your place of business. These noticeboard boards can be used at university campuses, schools, transport terminals and sporting arenas. We stock notice boards for interior and or exterior use.

You’ll find that our whiteboard, notice board, chalk board or cork boards are versatile notice boards that can be used everywhere. Used in any application or format- you can even display these noticeboard units in landscape or portrait format. This makes our product unique and presents an unbeatable memo board. If you are part of a group of any sort, chances are that having a pin board or white board can keep people informed all the time- and that’s just by having a notice board.

We keep a range of these wall boards that are actually have a cork board surface and are also called pin boards; white boards that are to be used with whiteboard markers that are also a whiteboard magnetic board or a magnetic whiteboard, a magnetic board chalk board, chalkboards that are used with liquid chalk markers- the surface of this chalk board is smooth and can only be used with liquid chalkboard markers.

There are notice boards or chalk board with timber frames and these can also be used as a kids chalkboard- sometimes referred to as blackboards for kids. The erase board, dry board have a dry erase surface and are a dry erasable board and are great as a kids chalkboard. Chalk boards we stock also come in as magnetic boards which are chalk boards.

We hold a huge range of notice boards – from lockable whiteboards & lockable cork boards to led illuminated board menu units. These lockable pin board boards and are available in a range of sizes and they are a versatile product for any business. The lockable cork board units are weather proof and can be mounted onto outside walls. We also stock freestanding lockable notice boards. We have lockable magnetic board and pin board units. A corkboard like this can be used in any situation for the office as the corkboard and cork boards get used every day.

Lockable white boards are also a great product to use within your premises. They can also be used outside under sheltered areas. They are constructed with a polycarbonate door and this type of whiteboard comes in a range of sizes to suit your display needs. These are also magnetic boards. We have whiteboards or whiteboard notice boards that are both a magnetic whiteboard and marker whiteboard. Perfect as a memo board or a whiteboard or wherever a notice board is needed.

We also stock the illuminated board led boards which are powered by LED’s and can be programmed to show flashing sequences and change the colour of text that is written on the led board glass surface with liquid chalk board markers. This type of led board will attract more customers and you’ll be getting more interest into your store. They have a dry erase surface and are a dry erasable board or chalk marker board. An illuminated board led powered, can make a huge difference to your store. Just like a writing board & other noticeboards this is similar to a whiteboard where it only used erase board markers. Only this one allows you to change the colour of text on the board led surface.

As the illuminated led board is powered by LED’s, it uses less power than conventional light bulbs & also makes it better for the environment.  These led board menu boards also arrive with lots of accessories- including liquid chalk markers, hanging hardware and more!

All of our notice boards, white board, chalkboard, magnetic board, pin board, cork board and magnetic white board, board menu display boards can be mounted onto flat surfaces or displayed on display easels. Hospitality displays offer a huge range of different products that you may use to place around you restaurant, cafe, or pub. From maitre'd stands & lobby signage to sidewalk signs & menu boards.

If these display boards are not the product for which you are searching, please take a look at our complete product range by visiting our Shop Display & POS Products page.