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Waterbase Pavement Sign
100% Weather Snap Frame Sidewalk Sign with Sealed Gasket

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All Weather A1 Snap Frame Sidewalk Sign


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All Weather Black Aboard with Trolley


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Unit Size: 1170 x 720 x 580 mm
Poster Size: 841 x 594mm (A1)
Visible Graphic Size: 834 x 588mm
Weight: 12.4 kg
Finish: Black anodised aluminium poster frame
Roto Moulded Black Base
Product Features: Check Prices
  • Waterbase pavement sign displays A1 (841 x 594mm) posters on both sides!
  • Fillable base helps ensure stability, with wheels on side for easy portability
  • Clip frame features patented waterproof rubber gasket to prevent water from leaking inside
  • Poster frame attaches to base with large springs to let sign sway with wind
  • Posters are protected by a UV rated clear lens to prevent damage & help with readability
  • Quickly change out posters without tools needed thanks to snapper frame design
Available in following options:
Waterbase Pavement Sign
Australia’s 100% Waterproof
Sidewalk A-Frame Sign!
Don't be fooled by other low-cost A-frames that claim to be waterproof, yet require you to take additional steps such as laminating your artwork, or bringing them in during rainy days to prevent water damage.
Our patented rubber gasket system is guaranteed to keep water and dust away from your posters. Combined with our UV rated protective lens, you can be assured that no other process is required to keep your posters 100% safe.

Display advertising outside of your business with this waterbase pavement sign! The outdoor sidewalk sign is a weatherproof display designed to be used in any weather conditions. The clipframe has a rubber gasket that is patented inside that prevents water from getting inside during rain, and the clear lens features UV protection to prevent fading of displayed posters due to sun exposure. The frame is designed to hold A1 (841 x 594mm) posters in portrait orientation, a large size that is easily seen and provides heaps of space for designers to place your information.

The waterbase pavement sign , like a windmaster sign stand, is also designed to sway with the wind and not blow over during gusts. Strong springs attach the clipframe to the base, allowing light breezes to gently push the poster holder without knocking it down. This dual-sided a board sandwich sign has poster frames on both sides, maximising space and advertising to more people without taking up additional space on the pavement.

Changing out posters is fast and easy thanks to the clipframe design. Only seconds are needed to unsnap the sides of the frame, remove the existing poster and lens, and put in a new one. The base of the display features wheels to easily position the outdoor sidewalk stand and bring it inside after hours. The base is fillable as well, able to have water or sand put inside for added weight that helps ensure stability. Order today to advertise outside your location! Purchases made by 2pm EST despatch same day when in stock to anywhere in Australia from Slimline Warehouse!

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