Process & Lead Times:
  • Despite being a stock product, this item requires printing and thus incurs an 4 day lead time. 
    (4 business days)

  • Please download the template for this product and use it to create your "print ready" artwork as outlined in the “Required Artwork” section below. Templates are available as both Adobe Illustrator EPS and High Resolution PDF files and can be downloaded by clicking the links at the top of this page.

  • Within 24 hours (1 business day) of submission of your "print ready" artwork, you will receive an email with a digital proof for your approval.

  • We will not proceed with printing until we receive, via email, your formal approval of this proof. Production lead times commence AFTER your approval of the email proof.

  • We cannot be held responsible for delays in lead times resulting from failure to approve the digital proof.

  • For orders of more than 5 units, lead times may vary. If so, you will be advised by our customer service department.

Required Artwork:
  • PRINT READY ARTWORK MUST BE SUPPLIED. Please carefully read and follow the instructions below as failure to meet the requirements could result in delays to the printing of your job.

  • Please note that because of the way we see light, colours printed with ink look different to colours displayed on a computer screen. It is therefore essential that the correct corporate colours be specified by the client before printing. Providing pantone colours (PMS colours) ensures the colours are printed as close as possible to your corporate colours.

  • Artwork must be created in CMYK colour mode. Colours may not be accurate when converted from other colour modes.

  • Resolution should be between 150 dpi at full print size.

  • Convert all fonts to outlines.

  • Line artwork and logos should be left as vectors if possible.

  • Embed any linked images.

  • Do not embed colour profiles in placed images or Photoshop files.

Accepted File Formats:
  • Adobe Illustrator files AI or EPS.
  • High Resolution PDF files.
  • High Resolution TIF files.
  • High Resolution JPG files.
  • We are unable to accept any other file formats.
  • Files must be at least 150 dpi at full print size.

  • All images used in your artwork must be at least 150 dpi at full print size.

  • Do not use images taken from the web. These images are generally 72dpi and are not suitable for printing in large format. For this reason jpg, gif and png files will not be accepted.

  • Line artwork, logos and text should be left as vectors where possible – not rasterized.

Safe Areas, Trim Lines & Guides:
  • The "Safe Area" on the template is the area that will be clearly visible after the graphic is installed.

  • The "Trim Line" is where the graphic will be cut out. Anything beyond this area will be trimmed off the finished graphic.

  • All other guides or instructions detailed in the template should be observed and followed; this may include "Bleed Line", "Obstructed Areas", "Folds", "Seam Lines", "Focal Areas", "Cut Outs" and "Eyelets".

Submitting Your Files:
  • Files can be uploaded to our FTP server by clicking on the Upload Your Artwork button at the top of this page or in the sidebar menu of our website and then following the instructions.

  • Files of less than 10MB can be emailed to

Colour Matching:
  • All printed graphics are created using CMYK printers. For this reason, the exact reproduction of spot colours is never 100% guaranteed.

  • If your artwork is colour critical, we require that all steps below are followed:

    • Post two (2) colour correct physical proofs with critical colours noted.
    • Note all critical CMYK values and Pantone values on the physical proof and the artwork file.
    • A layered file must be submitted.

  • When all the above is provided, we will do everything in our means to match the critical colours. Again, as CMYK printers are used to create the artwork 100% reproduction of defined colours is not possible.
    Differences in colours and tones can also be caused by variations in output of viewing devices. Unless your machine has been calibrated, the colours you see on your computer monitor will differ slightly to the printed output.
    For these reasons, if the highlighted points above are not adhered to, we are not able to accept colour variation as a reason for complaints or refunds.