Setting up and Caring for your Pop Up A Board
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Setting up and Caring for your Pop Up A Board
Set Up

Before setting up, be aware of any persons and/or obstructions within a 2 meter radius. The banner may spring out, hitting someone, or become damaged itself when taken out of the carry bag.

Remove the banner from the carry bag. Carefully, let the banner pop up. Hold the banner apart at the base and attach the velcro arms on either side to keep the base open.

Use the ground pegs supplied to secure the banner to the ground when using it outside. Press the pegs through the eyelets and into the ground. If indoors or on ground that is too hard, you can place a water or sand bag over the bottom strap to secure it.

Take Down

Remove ground pegs (or weighted bags if used on hard ground). Unfasten the velcro straps and follow the instructions as shown on the video below.

Caring for your Popup A Board
  • Always attach the two velcro arms on either side of the unit. This will keep it stable on the ground and prevent it from toppling over.
  • Ensure the A-frame is stable on the ground when set up. Use ground pegs on soft ground outdoors. Waterbag may be used indoors or on hard ground to keep the display stable.
  • Do not fold the A-Frame on concrete or rough surfaces. This can damage the fabric and also the frame.
  • Do not force the fold as this may damage or kink the frame, making it difficult to fold the unit after use.
  • Hand clean with warm soapy water only. Do not use washing machine or dryer.
  • Make sure that the unit is completely dry before folding and packing it away.
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