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Sign Hardware is Lockable to Protect Signage!

sign hardware This sign hardware provides a locking mount that can be used in many different locations effectively. These wall mount signs are found in retail stores, universities, exhibition halls, conference centres, casinos, hotels, office parks, and more. The lockable standoffs, sign hardware combine a low price with a strong mount that will last for many years in public areas easily. The wall mount signs showcase your signage in an exciting manner that will surely get the attention of passersby.

Lockable standoffs, locking standoffs, and other sign hardware are lockable units to be placed in public areas without worry of theft of your signage. These locking wall mount signs include an allen wrench key that inserts into the screw that keeps the mount from coming out while on display. The wall sign mounts don't affect the overall look of the display, as the locking screw is inset within the mount to not be visible. This sign hardware gives peace of mind that when you have your signs on display, they are safe and will not be subjected to theft!

How is the Sign Hardware used at different locations?
  • Exhibition halls use the sign mounts as guides and labels to help visitors navigate the often large areas
  • Universities label classrooms & offices of professors and majors for easy identification
  • Business parks can create a directory for visitors to see where they will be going in the office park
  • Retail stores can denote product lines and the like inline for easier customer understanding
Standoff mounts

These locking standoffs have a through design, helping to create a 3D panel sign that will garner attention in any location it is placed in. These mounts require a hole to be drilled through your sign that is a certain diametre, with the information easily found on the individual product pages. You can use different signage material with these mounts as well, such as metal, wood, acrylic, glass, and stone to help create a memorable display. Different thicknesses of materials can be used depending on each standoff.

There are different finishes available with these lockable standoffs to ensure they will work with your decor. Our current selection includes polished chrome, polished gold, matte satin silver ,and also a natural finish that will all work well with any decor, but allows you to choose the proper one for your business needs. These standoffs are made from machined aluminium, providing a durable display that can be placed in any location with consistent use without worry of breakdown. The economically priced models are affordable for any business!

Installation hardware is included with your lockable standoffs purchase. This kit has anchors for walls and screws that will work with most surface types without any issues. However, if you have any questions you should consult with a professional prior to your set-up. The locking standoffs provide a unique way to display your signage that will surely drawing attention whilst also informing passersby. Order these, or any of our stand offs, today for your business to leave a favourable impression on potential clients, students, and customers!

locking standoff There are many standoff supports for you to choose from to outfit your business with. These standoffs have a large variety of sizes, finishes & makes to ensure your company can choose the proper one for both your decor and needs. These standoffs are lockable mounts to help prevent theft whilst on display in public areas. Our other mounts include a premium line of brass displays, as well as other aluminium standoffs that have finish options in red, black, gold, satin silver, natural, polished chrome & blue to allow creativity to shine through in your design. The array of signs includes 16 x 23 mm, 23 x 27 mm, & 18 x 20 mm mounts to ensure your needs are represented! More details for you to see are on each product page!

Slimline Warehouse has been a leading supplier of display goods for many years. We have found the perfect combination of an amazing selectinon of products that are high-quality and sold at low prices. Our online catalogue has a large number of different product lines to choose from, including brochure holders, iPad displays, light boxes, portable counters, business card holders, menu boards, pull up banners, noticeboards, cigarette bins, & many more. Details are available for each items easily on the individual pages for you to see & ensure the product will work for your locations. We provide same day despatch on the majority of in stock products when purchased by 1pm EST. Shipping is provided to everywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Alice Springs, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, & Hobart!

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