SLD LED Retail Lumi - Installation & Maintenance Instructions 
  • WARNING: Always ensure power is OFF during all maintenance procedures
  • All lightboxes MUST be securely fastened to wall or other surface
  • Unless otherwise stated all models are strictly INTERIOR use only
Graphic Replacement Procedure
Lightboxes generate heat during normal operation. Appropriate care should be taken during the placement and removal of graphics *
how slimline light boxes work
WARNING: Failure to correctly refit the acrylic face (step 6) may result in damage or injury
  1. The face of the lightbox should be wiped with a damp cloth. A small amount of thinners can be used to remove any grease present, before a final clean using a non-streak cleaning fluid.
  2. Dust may be attracted to the lightbox due to static electricity, this can be removed using Reiniger + Pfleger: Kunst Stoff, available from Slimline Warehouse
  3. Graffiti should be removed using a solvent based product, care being taken to avoid any mechanical abrasion.

* Slimline Warehouse accepts no responsibility for injuries or damages sustained during installation or maintenance of its products.