How To Clean Your Chalkboards - Magic Eraser
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How To Clean Your Chalkboards - Magic Eraser

Our line of wet erase boards allow you to use different markers that are far more vivid in colour than traditional dry erase markers. While wet erase markers, liquid chalk, and chalk sticks are an eye-catching way of getting your message across, they do not erase with a simple wipe like dry erase markers. The textured surface is easy to clean, but takes slightly more time to do.

The best way to clean the boards is with a melamine foam sponge, which is easy to use and will wipe your board clean after a couple times over using water & paper towels. A common available version is at Coles®. Simply scrub a bit with the foam sponge, and wipe down with the water and paper towels for a clean, blank surface perfect for writing your next messages.

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