Hanging Cable System Instructions
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1. Fasten the Ceiling Anchor to the ceiling using the screw provided. 2. Insert the end of the Cable with the Cable Stop into the Ceiling Anchor and fasten both Grub Screws. 3. With the Cable suspended from the ceiling, loosen the Grub Screw on the Adjustable Cable Stop. Slide the Adjustable Cable Stop and Coupling up the Cable until it is above the level of the floor, then loosely fasten the Adjustable Cable Stop.

4. Pull the cable taut to the floor and trim it at a height of 30mm above floor level.


5. Loosen the Grub Screw on the Adjustable Cable Stop and slide it along the Cable until it reaches the end.
Tighten the Grub Screw firmly to fasten
the Adjustable Cable Stop at the end of the Cable.
6. Allow the Floor Coupling to hang on the Cable. It should come to rest just above floor level.
7. Mark the floor directly below the point at which the Floor Coupling rests. 8. At the point you have marked, fasten the Floor Anchor to the floor using th screw provided. 9. Screw the Floor Coupling onto the Floor Anchor until the Cable is taut.