Hanging Cable System Instructions
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1. Using the allen key provided, loosen the Cable from the Panel Holder. 2. Measure the Cable and pull taut, then using cable cutters or pliers, cut the Cable to desired length. 3. Reattach the Panel Holder to the Cable and tighten the Grub Screws.

4. Fasten the Ceiling Anchor to the ceiling using the screw provided.

5. Twist the end of the Cable Stop into the Ceiling Anchor. 6. Tighten the Grub Screws on the Cable Stop to secure the Cable in place.

7. Secure the Panel Holder to the panel with the single grub screw.

Please note: The grub screws are not meant to go through the mounting holes on the panel. These holes are meant to be used to screw the panels straight to the wall.