How to Care for your Banner
Handle Banners / materials in a clean area with clean hands [ we recommend white gloves during set up and dismantle.

    If Banners becomes Wrinkled

  • Hang in a natural position on rails and banner will reform their natural and original state after time
  • If required use a very low heat and iron the opposite side of Graphics. For double sided graphics place a clean white cloth over graphics prior to Ironing with low heat.

    Cleaning Tips

  • Treat Stains as soon as possible for best results
  • Carefully Brush off loose dirt , Static tape is recommended to remove loose dry materials such as dirt.
  • For Light cleaning use lukewarm water [not exceeding 25 degrees] with a natural soap - avoid detergents.
  • Use minimal amount of water to avoid making / spreading stains to a larger areas.
  • Use a white cloth, dab stain from outside edges inward to avoid spreading stains.
  • Never pack away banner graphic whilst wet or damp.
  • If banners are subject to ongoing elements and water repellency is important banners should be treated with Scotchguard Fabric Protector or similar.

Warning Never Dry Clean. Using warm to hot heat can damage graphics , Never store graphics damp this will cause mold.

This information is provided for the care and maintenance of your display, Slimline Warehouse does not warrant against any staining of your fabric product or inability to remove stains if they occur.

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