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LED Window Displays for Estate Agents
2-Sided Illuminated Signages w/ 4x A3 Frames & Cable Kits

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  • LED window displays for estate agent show A3 (420 x 297mm) in landscape or portrait
  • Light box frames are bright, displaying between 4300 - 4900 lux
  • Dual-sided frames have magnetic face that tightly holds translucent transparency films in place
  • Hanging frames are connected to each other with joiners that also power LEDs
  • Slide rail system makes positioning simple, with 1m long rail attaching to ceiling
Available with These Options:
4 x A3
Display Dimensions
LED Window Displays for Estate Agents

LED window displays for real estate agents are hung in store fronts of real estate agencies, retail stores, travel agents, and more to hang posters for display at all hours! The real estate signage cable systems use light up pockets that illuminate translucent transparency A3 (420 x 297mm) films to catch passersby attention as well as keep the promotion going even after your business closes for the day. The dual-sided lightboxes also can have posters placed facing the inside of your business to maximise space and display heaps of posters from a single place! These lightboxes can be hung in portrait or landscape orientation depending on your design, with fitting on either side of frame for easy set-up.

The suspended sign kits, LED window displays for real estate agents use bright lightboxes with a diffusion pattern that evenly distributes the 4300 - 4900 lux lighting to avoid hot spots on translucent films. Each light box has a 2-year warranty as well to ensure your product works and if any issues arise they can be remedied by our expert customer service team. There are (4) lightboxes included with purchase, and each one has a magnetic face on either side that holds posters in place. This makes changing out posters quick and easy whilst protecting them from gathering dust, and a silver frame around the face helps draw attention towards centre of poster and provides a professional look.

The installation of these displays is easy, with a 1m rail attaching to the ceiling and the lightboxes hanging down in a single column. There are two sets of 3m long stainless steel cable that can be cut to length to fit the design of your location, with the lightboxes connecting to each other using a 75mm joiner for uniformity. Power is supplied via these joiners to the lightboxes to maintain a tidy look, with the 2m power cord connecting to the top rail. Order by 2pm EST to receive same day Australia-wide shipping with this and most other products when in stock, only from Slimline Warehouse!

Display Dimensions

LED Window Displays for Estate Agent

LED Window Displays for Estate Agents


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* For A3 Lightbox Film Printing:
Artwork Setup Fee

An artwork setup fee of $33.00 is applicable for this product.

This fee will only be applied once per product regardless of quantity ordered.
Artwork Requirements and Print Size
Full Specifications
Hanging Rail: Length: 1m; Hole: Ø4.5mm;
Anchor/Fixing QTY: 4
Transformer: GVE-24V-4A
(Max. Support 6x A3)
Powercord: Length: 2.5m;
Rail Cord: Length: 2m; VI-ET
Cable Top: Length: 3m; QTY: 2;
1x Positive; 1x Negative
Joiners: Length: 75mm; QTY: 6;
Frame: Size: 328 x 451 x 10mm; QTY: 4
Image Size: A3 - 297 x 420mm;
Landscape or Portrait
Lens Thickness: 1.5mm
Lightbox Border: 20mm
Brightness: 4300 ~ 4900 lux
Actual Power: 10.08 Watts
LED Model: SMD 2835 (24V)
Color Temperature: 9000 - 10000K
Warranty: 2 Years

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