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LED Illuminated Marker Boards
Illuminated Marker Board
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Illuminated Marker Board

LED Markerboard 600 x 400mm

Display Easel
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Display Easel

Walnut Finish + LED Menu Board

Chalkboards & Marker Boards

Liquid Chalk, Whiteboard Markers

Include illuminated liquid chalkboards as part of your display today! These chalkboards or marker boards are a sought out item for restaurants, shops, bars, cafes and shopping centres as the flashing light display attracts the attention of customers and passers-by to your hand written display. They are powered by LED’s which makes them extremely energy efficient and better for the environment. LED’s also require minimal maintenance as have a longer life span than conventional light bulbs. They do not break like regular fluorescent tubes or neon tubes and create a very bright light that operates at lower heat than these other light boads.

The illuminated menu boards or write-on boards can be set to a variety light display settings allowing you grab the attention of customers within your store. The LED’s can be set to emit different colours and flash in various lighting settings such as strobe, fade or flashing effect. These effects can be seen once you have drawn onto the liquid chalk board - the colours of the markers change when different colour light is emitted and you will also be able to use different lighting sequences to illuminate what you have drawn.

These led board units arrive with all the necessary tools to get you started including hanging hardware. They can be displayed as either landscape or portrait format and can be mounted onto walls or other flat surfaces. Illuminated writing board units can also be displayed on display easels which is a classic way to advertise and promote your shop.

We’ve also added a pack of liquid markers with your illuminated chalk menu boards to get you started on your sign- a cleaning cloth and is also provided for you to wipe and rewrite messages at any time. Buy this illuminated led board today and start promoting your store! We deliver to anywhere in Australia and we also provide same day shipping when you order before 12pm.

We also stock a number of other types of display boards. To view the full range, please visit our Notice Boards, White Boards, Chalk Boards & Marker Boards page.



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