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Hanging Rail System

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  • Hanging rail system uses dual-sided pockets made from 3mm thick clear acrylic!
  • Magnets embedded in holder help keep A4 (297 x 210mm) graphics securely in place
  • Edge grip stand offs are used to connect pockets & cable together
  • Improved rail system makes set-up easy using aluminium rails & 4m long cables
  • Many configurations possible to meet needs, from 3 to 15 pockets in a huge array!
Available with These Options:
A4 Landscape:
Multiple of 3
A4 Portrait:
Hanging Rail System

A hanging rail system is used to create suspended posters in store front windows and other positions of retail stores, real estate agencies, exhibition halls, museums, shopping centres, and information centres. The A4 cable displays utilise clear acrylic pockets that are 3mm thick and have button magnets embedded that keep signage in place and help to prevent the pockets from opening during use. Each pocket is in landscape orientation and designed to hold A4 (297 x 210mm) signage on either side of the pocket. The two-sided nature makes it easy to be seen in multiple directions at once to maximise display exposure.

The estate agent cable display, hanging rail system is suspended from cables using edge grip stand offs that are tightened using an included hex key. The cables are each 4m long and can be cut to necessary length to work with a wide variety of display spaces. A simple slide-in design makes changing out posters fast and easy without any tools needed. The clear perspex pockets have cut outs for securely attaching the standoffs without inhibiting the slide-in design. There are multiple configurations to choose from, with 3, 6, 9, 12, and even 15 acrylic frames options available on this page with more sizes and array choices also now available!

The kit uses our new and improved installation method that features 1m aluminium hanging rails that cable fittings are slid along to desired position. This method saves time and frustration as each fitting doesn't need to be screwed and perfectly lined up in place, one the end is where you want it you simply hand tighten the fitting to make the cable taut and keep it in place! Order by 2pm EST for same day Australia-wide shipping with this and most other in stock products, only at Slimline Warehouse!

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