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Gallery Barriers protect exhibits without inhibiting view!

Gallery barriers help to keep visitors from getting too close to display items, but still provide a full view thanks to the thin elastic cord and low profile stanchions used to cordon off the area! These museum stanchions use posts that are only 25mm diameter, with the thin elastic cord going through holes at the top to create the barrier for blocking easy access. Using slim cords and posts creates an identifiable area where visitors can approach but shouldn't go past without obstructing their view no matter which height post you purchase. We offer two sizes of posts depending on the needs of your location, with both 410 and 990mm heights currently available. The smaller height is great for car shows and larger exhibits to remind visitors to not get too close without hindering their view, with the larger size great for this as well as for creating a queue barrier or cordoning off art exhibits and more. This style of crowd control is great to protect at venues with galleries and the like thanks to their subdued nature that ensures focus is on what people are attending to see, not what is keeping them from getting too close.

Why choose Gallery Barriers for your location?

  • Low profile design cordons off area without hindering the view of displays for visitors
  • Selection of sets & colours makes it easy to coordinate with your location
  • 410mm tall posts are great for car dealerships or shows to keep visitors at distance with barely any visual obstruction
  • Sets with 990mm tall posts are found in museums and art galleries to provide a higher threshold to cross whilst still offering a full view
  • Using elastic cord to set a barrier line keeps visibility high, with different lengths offered to set-up as you need you posts & wall receptors
  • Sold in sets and with individual components to make full customisation simple

Gallery barriers, like museum stanchions and rope barriers, use a weighted base that helps provide stability and can be used in heavily trafficked areas with little worry of it being tipped over. There are multiple colours to choose from to best suit your location, with the black and silver posts providing a neutral colour that looks professional no matter what your colour scheme is. The brushed satin silver and matte black steel posts also offer durability for long term use that provides a great return on your investment. There are also multiple colour choices available for the elastic cord as well, letting you either match or complement the posts depending on your aesthetic. There are also two different lengths of cord to choose from, 15 metres and 30 metres, so no matter what size exhibit you need to protect, the right tools are available to purchase. A wide variety of pre-made sets are ready to be purchased with posts and elastic cords already together based on what our customers typically purchase. In addition to these museum stanchion sets, each component can be individually purchased, from barrier posts and elastic cords to wall receptors!

Setting up Museum & Gallery Barriers
Assembly the posts is quite easy, with only simple tools needed to attach the base to the post like any other stanchion. Most barrier posts either have a retractable belt to pull out and attach to other posts, or a 4-way adapter where a VIP rope with clasps can be attached. This range of low profile posts uses elastic cord in lieu of belts or ropes, and tension is needed to keep them taut. Each art exhibition post has (4) cut-outs in the top underneath a cap to place the elastic cord, making it easy to put it in the direction you need. Place the cord into the cut-outs and then use the screw cap to secure it into place. If feasible, use one of our wall receptors to secure the end of the cord to ensure it is taut all the way round, though the end can also be placed within a stanchion post as well. Each post should be about 1.5m to 1.8m in spacing for best use, and for overall aesthetic appeal symmetry of posts works wonders.

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