Measuring Surface Luminance of YGY A2 Light Panel
Measuring Light Box Brightness

A surface luminance test is used to measure the intensity of light emitted from each of our light panels. Measured in LUX (with one LUX being equal to one lumen per square metre) the test indicates the amount of visible light on the surface of the panel.

There are nine readings taken across the surface of the panel, with the average reading showing the average luminance of the entire panel. The centre of the panel shows slightly higher figures, meaning graphics in the middle will be just a little brighter than across the rest of the panel. The readings shown below refer to the here are taken from our YGYA2S lightbox, available for purchase here.

Measuring Light Box Brightness Measuring Light Box Brightness
Using the light metre to measure the the centre position (see reading for position 5) of a . The light metre measures in foot candles (fc) - one foot candle being equal to 10 LUX, thus the reading of 210 fc equates to 2100 LUX.