Digital Signage Software Options
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Digital Signage Software Options

Digital Signage Software Options Explained

Fusion Signage Software Philips' CMND
Upload Media Files Yes Yes
Create Playlists Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Control Multiple Screens Yes Yes
Cloud-Based Management Yes --
Must be on same network for changes -- Yes
Intuitive Interface Yes --
Comes Pre-Installed Yes --
License Fee Yes --

Fusion Signage Software

The more robust and easier to use option is Australia-based Fusion Signage Software , providing cloud based management among heaps of other features! Fusion is a content management system using Android® technology that is fully compatible with each of our commercial-grade television monitors. Whilst there are many similarities as seen in the chart above, the few differing features between the two software options make a big difference. First and foremost is the cloud-based design, allowing media uploads and changes from devices on any internet network, you don't have to be in the same physical building connected to the same router to do updates! Not only do you not have to be in the building, but more than one computer can be used to make changes, allowing more than one person to have full access to the account, unlike with with the Philips CMND software. The other key difference I just how easy to use Fusion Signage Software is, with virtually no training needed! In only 3 steps, you can connect the screen with the software, upload your media & content, and schedule playlists for publishing!

Philips' CMND

Philips' CMND software's biggest benefit is it is free, though you will have to contact Philips for initial set-up whilst the Fusion software is shipped installed and ready to use. The drag and drop interface is simple to use, and while the options aren't as robust as Fusions you can still create visually exciting playlists that will attract attention. Basic features include having videos, images, and scrolling text which is especially useful for placing your company name and pertinent information alongside videos and graphics that regularly draw in viewers. The other limitation, besides not being installed on purchase, is the playlists and software can only be accessed via a computer on the same network. In order to make any changes to the screens, your computer has to be connected to the same internal network as each monitor whose imagery you wish to alter. While still better than having to go from screen to screen with a USB thumb-drive, it is a bit more tedious for businesses that want to have full control from anywhere. With that said, CMND is great for single businesses like restaurants, cafes, and smaller retail stores that will generally only change-up the playlists from in store anyways.

Which one should I choose?

Either option will provide a su cessful deployment of digital signage screens at your location, the questions you have to answer are "How important is ease of use for my team" and "Will I always be near the screen I want to update". If you only plan to update whilst at the same location and a slightly clunkier interface is okay with you, then CMND is the way to go. If there will be multiple locations with signs and an intuitive interface for all users is important, then Fusion Signage Software is the choice for you.

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