Common Questions regarding Commercial Digital Signage Screens:

What's the difference between a commercial monitor & a store bought TV?

There are a few key differences that make purchasing a commercial monitor the most practical choice for retail or public use. The components used to manufacture the commercial monitor are heavier duty to be kept on for longer hours, the standard in more heavily trafficked locations. These screens are designed to be on at least 16 hours as opposed to 8 hours for residential models, and can be on for 24 /7 if need be. A comprehensive guide that shows the differences can be found here.

What's the warranty for commercial grade monitors?

Our commercial monitors come with a standard 3 year warranty. Residential models usually come with a one year warranty, but for commercial environments, where screens can be put in portrait orientation and/or left on for longer periods of time, the warranty is instead only 90 days.

Is creating presentations hard?

Whether one of our simple plug & play photo frames or our more robust digital signage solutions, creating your presentation is easy. The photo frames require you to simply put videos & images onto a USB memory stick, SD card, or MMC memory card and plug that device into the screen. Then use the remote to set intervals between each item! Larger screens all include CMND software that is easy to use with a computer on the same network, with the more powerful features & simpler interface also available with Fusion Signage software. Click here for more information on Fusion. We also have a full digital signage software comparison page available!